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For more information about brain tumors and brain cancer, visit:

To learn about brain tumors and brain cancer, please visit:

ABC2 (Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure)
ABC2 offers guidance including information on clinical trials, finding care, and other resources for brain cancer patients.
www.abc2.org tel. 202-419-3140

American Brain Tumor Association
ABTA offers in-depth facts and information about brain tumors.
www.abta.org tel. 800-886-2282

National Brain Tumor Foundation
This website offers a service to find support groups near you.
www.braintumor.org tel. 800-934-2873

Brain Science Foundation
This website contains more information on meningiomas and primary brain tumors.
www.brainsciencefoundation.org tel. 781-239-2903

To find a neurosurgeon near you, please visit:

American Association of  Neurological Surgeons http://www.aans.org/Patients/Find-a-Neurosurgeon

Additional helpful links:

Corporate Angel Network – free flights for cancer patients. http://www.corpangelnetwork.org/home

Camp Kesem – National free summer camp for all children whose parents have or have had cancer.  http://campkesem.org/

Life Chronicles – Free Legacy Videos.  http://www.lifechronicles.org/

Nutritional Solutions – customized nutrition plan for cancer patients – http://www.nutritional-solutions.net/

To learn from other patients, please visit:


To learn more about clinical trials, please visit:


Stand Up to Cancer Clinical Trials