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2022 Brain Cancer Research Investigator Grant – $50,000

This award is presented annually by B*CURED to a clinical doctor or research scientist whose primary focus is brain cancer research. Clinical projects are encouraged, as well as translational projects with significant clinical promise. Projects for adult and pediatric brain cancer research will be considered.

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: April 1, 2022 Award Announcement: June 15, 2022 Funding Available: upon contract completion


The term of the grant is one year. The award will be for $50,000 and will be given in two installments. The first installment of $25,000 will be paid to the winner on or about June 30, 2022. The second installment of $25,000 will be paid after a satisfactory progress report (approximately 3 pages with a budget review) is submitted and approved by the B*CURED Medical Advisory Board. This progress report will be due exactly 6 months from the initial funding date. A final report (approximately 3 pages with a budget summary) is required from the grant winner exactly one year from the date of funding.

The research project must be directly related to the field of brain cancer. The award will be given to the applicant exclusively for the purpose of conducting the proposed research. All proposed research must have appropriate Institutional Review Board approval for clinical projects before funding is granted. The winner’s name, institution, title of the research project, and a brief description of the project in layman’s terms will be posted on the B*CURED website.

Any publication associated with the research must recognize B*CURED as a sponsor.


Applicants must be full time faculty (or have a contract for such) at a research institution in North America and be undertaking the following:

Clinical or translational research, with the intention of applying for R01 NIH funding or the equivalent within 5 years, or

Innovative research to bridge from bench to animal research or to acquire preclinical data from animal models.Applicants will compose an outstanding research proposal that demonstrates relevance, sound methodological design, and feasibility. Demonstrated support from the applicants institution must be included.Formal involvement of a biostatistician is required for all clinical trial proposals, but is not required for pre-clinical or translational science proposals.


Final applications must be emailed to research@bcured.org on or before April 1, 2022. Please adhere to the format as specified.The Medical Advisory Board of B*CURED will review and evaluate the applications. Based on their results and subsequent review by the Grants Committee, recommendations will be made to the B*CURED Board of Directors for final approval. All applicants will be notified via e-mail of the decision regarding their proposals. Arrangements for contracts and payment to the grant recipient(s) will be made at that time.

All applications are confidential and are available only to the Board of Directors, the Grants Committee, and the Medical Advisory Board. If any grantee or sponsoring institution fails to adhere to the policies and qualifications listed above, the grant is subject to termination.


Grant Proposals 2022 Online Form

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– Project Title

– Cover Letter explaining the career goals of the applicant and how the B*CURED grant might assist in the overall research program of the applicant. A specific paragraph should outline how the institutional environment is suitable for the proposed research.

– Brief description of your project in 250 words or less using non-technical language.

– Brief description of your project in 250 words or less using technical language.

– NIH Bio-sketch of applicant

– Letters of support from project collaborators. Please include supporters’ names, emails and phone contacts with your proposal.

– Letter of support from Department Head or Chief stating that the applicant has the resources and the time to perform the proposed research. Please include name and email and phone contact for Department Head or Chief with your proposal.

– Detailed Budget (NIH Format). No indirect costs are permitted. Please keep salary costs to 60% of budget.

– List of all other active and pending financial support pertaining to your clinical work or research during the funding term.

– Please list all financial conflicts of interest, including equity, fiduciary responsibility, advisory payment or sponsored research agreements with a for-profit entity (public or private) over the last 2 years.

– Scientific Proposal (5 Pages) organized as follows:

o Project Abstract (1/2 Page) – Brief statement of the clinical problem including background and significance (burden of disease) detailing how the applicant’s approach is both novel and feasible. A statement of how the study findings will advance brain tumor therapeutic research is required.

o Specific Aims (1/2 Page) – A specific scientific hypothesis should be included with at lease two specific aims.

o Preliminary Data (1 Page) – The applicant is encouraged to use one or two key figures to illustrate major points (preferably from peer-reviewed published literature.)

o Research Plan (2 Pages) – For clinical proposals, the proposed study design should carefully define the study population and state the number of proposed patients including the number of sites where applicable. The specific inclusion and exclusion criteria for any clinical population should be stated. Clinical endpoints and when they are measured should be stated. For translational science proposals, the study design should explicitly state how the study would connect a basic science finding to clinical or pre-clinical studies.

o Statistics (1/2 Page) – The expected treatments (where applicable) should be stated and sample size estimates (80% and 90% power) should be clearly summarized.

o Study Limitations (1/2 Page) – Study limitations and potential pitfalls should be discussed.

o Applicants submitting a clinical trail proposal should consult an introductory reference on clinical trial design:

– Friedman LM, Furberg CD, DeMets DL: Fundamentals of Clinical Trials – 3rd ed. New York, Spinger-Verlag New York, Inc., 1998.

– Bibliography

– Biohazards statement

– Human investigation statement

– Laboratory animal statement

Please scan the letters of recommendation into the electronic version of your application.

I hereby confirm that I have reviewed and approved this application and the accompanying budget.

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Please submit all proposals in PDF form electronically to research@bcured.org.

Please contact research@bcured.org with any questions.