Patient Impact Grant

Suriya Jeyapalan, MD, MPH

B*CURED’s Board felt that Dr Jeyapalan’s area of inquiry (diet, glucose levels and inflammation) could open up a patient-controlled avenue of treatment that could be added to the arsenal of surgery and drug protocols of a patient’s medical team and it brings B*CURED closer to adding a form of Patient Support into our mission.

The Executive Board voted to name this grant the Richard J. Cleveland, MD, Patient Impact Award in honor of the late father of one of our Founders. Richard J. Cleveland, MD was a renowned surgeon, recognized for his technical skill and his compassion to his patients. When diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2000, he understood the prognosis as a doctor. He also realized his new role as a partner with his health care team. He recognized the role of patient engagement in positive outcomes and quality of life when faced with a devastating disease. It is therefore appropriate that his name be attached to the first B*CURED Patient Impact Grant which funds research on the medical and personal partnership to cure brain cancer.